Water Safety & Hygiene

Water Safety & Hygiene

Testing water whether it is for drinking, cleaning, cooling or heating provides you with information to keep it at its best.

Carrying out regular testing of water gives insight into the health of the system. For potable water which is used for drinking and cleaning this will highlight problems with contamination or inadequate changeover of water.

Heating system water is tested to indicate the condition of the system and can highlight if corrosion is occuring which can lead to failure of equipment or leaks.

Regular maintenance of equipment ensures it is working at its most efficient. Build up of rust particles and sludge will hinder its efficiency and cost more to run and reduce its longevity.

We have solutions in house to reduce the probability of any problems occuring.

Design and Installation

Water needs to be delivered to points of use at the correct temperature. For cold water this is below 20 degrees C and for hot water above 50 degrees C.

We can design and install safe and energy efficient system to meet regulations and your requirements, whether it's showers and baths in hotels or nursing homes, cleaning or manufacture in industrial environments or external/internal water features.