Water Solutions

Water Solutions

Approximately 60% of UK has hard water. When water contains the harmless minerals Calcium and Magnesium to a degree in excess of 120 parts per million it is considered ‘Hard Water’.

Hard water prevents soaps from lathering up and also leaves a scum behind making the bathroom look grimy. You use more soap and shampoo in bathrooms and in the laundry. In addition it makes hair dull and is harsh on clothing and skin. Bathrooms need more intensive cleaning.

Hard water reduces the life of showerheads, washing machines, water heaters and boilers and ‘furs’ up pipework resulting in early replacement, higher maintenance costs and reduced efficiency. Softened water means less limescale and limescale is a risk factor for legionella.

Softened water also improves the efficiency of your water appliances and gives that extra bit of luxury and will help create a great impression on guests and other users.

Commercial water softeners can be fitted anywhere from domestic homes to hotels. Larger buildings can have bigger water softeners with a greater capacity for softening water.

We fitted a softener to a 275 bedroom hotel with capacity to soften 52,600 litres of water a day and a peak flow rate of 16.5 litres a second.

One estimate showed an overall average of 32% savings on running costs by installing a water softener.